Now You See Me: Jesse Eisenberg Dishes Magician Inspirations

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Now You See Me star Jesse Eisenberg met Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview in New Orleans and talked about his joy in re-teaming with his Zombieland co-star Woody Harrelson.

“He’s a great actor, he’s fun to watch. When you work with him, he’s so endlessly creative,” Eisenberg said. “He comes up with the most creative things.” 

As teased in the Now You See Me trailer, Eisenberg is the leader of The Four Horsemen, the magician quartet at the heart of the thrilling film. As part of their act, they rob banks all over the world and share the loot with their audience. The film also stars Isla Fisher, Dave Franco as Eisenberg and Harrelson’s magic cohorts and Mark Ruffalo as the federal agent on a mission to stop them.

Eisenberg’s character thinks he is the “best magician in the world” and the actor admits that audiences should be able to find a few famous magic men in his performance.

“I watched a lot of magicians and the one thing they all have in common, regardless of their specific style, is a kind of confident attitude,” Eisenberg said.

“I watched David Blaine, and he has a relaxed attitude, but he’s also very confident. And David Copperfield who is this old school showman, he is still very confident. I tried to meld those two styles.”

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