Rio 2 Teaser Trailer: Rhythm is Gonna Get You

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The gang from Rio are back! The first teaser trailer for Rio 2 has landed and it has us all sorts of aflutter. If they say birds of a feather flock together, then how do you explain the success of Rio?

The first film told the story of Jesse Eisenberg's Blu and how he found his way from housepet in America to flying down to the Brazilian city to help stave off extinction of his species. It was there that he met Anne Hathaway's avian creature and the two struck up the most unlikely of animated romances.

The teaser shows us that all of the characters we adored from the first one are back. Although, you may wonder where the evil villain is from the first film... just you wait. By the end of the teaser, he promises to "poop" on this party soon enough!

Look for Rio 2 to hit theaters in time for the World Cup to also arrive in the famed Brazilian city... April 11, 2014!

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