Stand Up Guys Exclusive: Al Pacino & Christopher Walken Talk Tough

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Stand Up Guys lands on DVD and Blu-Ray this week and to celebrate, Movie Fanatic presents our exclusive interviews with the movie's stars -- Al Pacino and Christopher Walken -- as well as its director.

The superstars give us their exclusive insight into why the aging gangsters, back-in-action flick (teased in the Stand Up Guys trailer) is not only good fun, but a thrill ride for the audience. And more importantly... a career-long dream achieved for both.

It appears the longtime friends have never worked together before! Walken believes that their kinship parlays onscreen. “I think that helps when you know the person,” Walken said. “I think they call that chemistry.”

Pacino clearly felt the same way. “I love it,” he admitted. “He works the same way. I love him. I just adore being around him.”

The director of Stand Up Guys,  Fisher Stevens, also chimes in during an exclusive interview where he talks about his marvelous cast. In fact, he compares it to a gathering of sports greats.

"I got LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh,” Stevens said, comparing his big three to the starting three of the reigning champion Miami Heat. But, wait… maybe even bigger! “But, even better – I got LeBron, Kobe (Bryant) and MJ (Michael Jordan)! It was a miracle.”

Stand Up Guys stars the big three as aging gangsters who get together for the first time in years after Pacino's character had been sent to jail for a crime they all committed. Pacino's gangster didn't say a word, and that's why he was the only one incarcerated.

Yet, some of the gangster's bosses don't believe he completely kept his mouth shut. Therefore, there is a hit out on him... and the terrific trio have to come together to save Pacino and themselves in the process.

As we stated in our Stand Up Guys review, this is one fun flick and that is largely due to the magic made between the two big stars!

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