The Internship: Jessica Szohr & Josh Gad Chat Comedy Titans

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Two stars of The Internship visit with Movie Fanatic, appropriately enough, in an exclusive Google Hangout!

The story of how Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's characters become Google interns (teased in The Internship trailer) is heartwarming and hilarious (our review lands June 7, the day the movie premieres) and it was all-too fitting that Jessica Szohr and Josh Gad meet us in the tech giant's social lounge.

For Szohr, starring opposite Vaughn and Wilson was a comedy dream come true. “Wedding Crashers is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. So, to be a part of The Internship… it was incredible,” Szohr said.

“To watch them bring things to life that aren’t even written down was incredible and such a learning experience.”

Gad believes that when things are all said and done, Vaughn and Wilson will go down among cinema’s best -- easily seen in this The Internship clip.

“There are some great comedy duos in the history of film. And that all comes from chemistry that comes from repartee and banter. I think Owen and Vince have this incredible banter down to a science,” Gad said.

“Literally a science,” Szohr interjects.

“The musicality of their tone together is so fun to watch,” Gad added. “One is so sharp and fast and the other is so deliberate. Then to get to spar with them… is so rewarding.”

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