The Lone Ranger Trailer: I'd Rather Be An Outlaw

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The fourth full The Lone Ranger trailer has landed and we finally have an idea of how Johnny Depp's Tonto wound up working alongside the lawman played by Armie Hammer. It seems Tonto found the man who became the masked lawman left for dead in the desert and it appears our full story is about Hammer getting justice. Movie Fanatic just went from on the fence on this one to uber-excited!

From the very first The Lone Ranger trailer, it was clear that this was Depp's show, even though he is not the title character. With this latest teaser, now we see how that came to be. It is Tonto who found the Lone Ranger and made him who he is... color us impressed with the creative team behind the Disney flick  (particularly the screenwriting collective and director Gore Verbinski). As Tonto says, "The men you seek think you are dead, better to stay that way."

The latest trailer begins with Depp explaining how he found Hammer in the desert as the action builds. We find the payoff line as Hammer's Lone Ranger says, "If these men represent the law, I'd rather be an outlaw."

Enough said... count us in when The Lone Ranger rides into theater July 3.

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