This Is the End: Help Seth Rogen & James Franco Be Liked

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This Is the End stars Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride and Jay Baruchel have released a new video (below) where they are just begging to be liked -- on Facebook that is…

See, the guys behind the crazy-looking comedy have taken to the social media titan in an effort to get their film to cross the 800,000 like threshold. And if they achieve that feat, they promise to post videos of them doing some pretty awesome activities.

As the likes get higher, the guys will post videos of themselves doing things that are exponentially more embarrassing, er… funny!

Help This Is The End get to 500,000 likes and McBride will wax Rogen’s back. 650,000 likes will unlock a video of Baruchel and McBride sharing a strand of spaghetti, a la Lady and the Tramp! But, the mother of all videos is unleashed if the This Is the End page gets 800,000 likes! We get to see Rogen paint Franco in the nude. Head over to the This Is the End Facebook page and get "liking!"

As teased in the This Is the End trailer, the film -- also starring Craig Robinson -- features the comic actors portraying versions of themselves as Franco throws a bash and all the guys get into all sorts of silliness. Then… Armageddon hits and all hell breaks loose.

This Is the End hits theaters June 12 and to say Movie Fanatic is eager to witness this wildly creative idea come to life… is a gross understatement.

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