World War Z Posters: The World is Ablaze

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It does not look good for humanity in the latest set of posters released for World War Z. Brad Pitt stars as a U.N. worker chronicling the spread of the disease that turns humans into blood thirsty zombies. These are no The Walking Dead zombies! These killers move as fast as lightning and kill in packs that resemble a swarm of red ants descending on their prey.

As we could tell from the World War Z trailer, the scope of this picture is global and that could not be more clear in the quartet of banners that Paramount released. From Sydney to Rome and everywhere in between, the world is teetering on collapse. Hopefully Pitt can save the day!

In the world of World War Z, check out what some of our favorite cities look like. First up, we present Rome, then Sydney and finally... London before our star gets his close-up.

World War Z: Rome Poster
World War Z Poster: Sydney
World War Z Poster: London

Not to leave its star out of the mix, Paramount released the final World War Z poster featuring Pitt and his onscreen family trying to escape the carnage. Look for World War Z when it hits theaters June 21.

World War Z Poster: Brad Pitt

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