21 and Over: Sarah Wright Talks Turning Twenty-One

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21 and Over star Sarah Wright is loving the fact that her comedy has landed on DVD and Blu-Ray this week. She has seen firsthand the power of garnering a whole new audience that missed the film when it was in theaters. “I didn’t know what that meant until I did the movie The House Bunny,” Wright said in our exclusive interview.

21 and Over Sarah Wright Miles Teller

“It did pretty good in theaters. Then, it came out on DVD and all of a sudden these people were coming up to me and telling me how much they loved The House Bunny. What? It’s crazy and it’s great to get a whole new audience and a slew more viewers and at the end… that’s what I want.”

As reported in our theatrical 21 and Over review, the film could be seen as a coming-of-age story, a rite of passage story, a stand up to your parents movie and even just a party college movie. The part that resonated most with Wright was the rare rich female character in a raunchy comedy of this sort.

“I’ve read a bunch of these movies in this genre before and some of them really didn’t speak to me because it’s usually just a guys’ movie and the girl’s part is small and there’s not a lot going on for her,” Wright said.

21 and Over Blu-Ray

“When I was auditioning, the filmmakers (Jon Lucas and Scott Moore) told me they wanted to bring more to the female role than even just the love story. They wanted someone who could improv and take it to another level. I was super excited to hear that. To be able to play a character like her in a movie like this… I loved that.”

As this is an improv heavy comedy with the potential for on set laughter off the charts, Wright shares a moment that she still breaks out laughing at whenever she thinks of it.

“There’s a scene where I’m picking thorns out of Justin’s (Chon) butt, he’s just been tossed off the top of the roof. Me and Miles (Teller) and Skyler (Astin) were shooting. Skyler and I are flirting with each other and Miles was going window to window trying to see if this sorority is after him,” Wright recalled and laughed.

“He comes back and says, ‘I looked in every window and it’s all bananas and pajamas.’ He had the ten different versions of that improv. I could not stop laughing through that. He couldn’t stop laughing either!”

21 and Over Sarah Wright

The 21 and Over trailer makes it quite apparent that this is a story about Jeff Chang (Chon) turning the titular age and the zaniness that comes from it. Turning 21 is a big deal for some, but for Wright, hers came much earlier.

“My 21 was really mellow. I left home when I was 16 traveling with modeling. I was working in Japan on my seventeenth birthday and that night was the craziest night,” Wright said.

“We were partying and dancing in some place called the Mexican Queen and stayed out at dive bars across Tokyo until 6 a.m. So, 21… was pretty chill.”

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