Charlie Day is a Monster: Charlie’s Day Has Arrived

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With two movies landing in theaters this summer, Charlie Day should be on the verge of being a Hollywood monster.

Pacific Rim Charlie Day

Fresh off his scene-stealing turn in Horrible Bosses, and his long-running sitcom success with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Day hits the summer movie season with a vengeance with Pixar's Monsters University and Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim.

Comedy actors who also can do big blockbuster dramatic work are a rare breed and that versatility is rewarded by audiences and producers alike. Day will likely be the benefit of that stardom by the end of summer 2013. From what we’ve seen of him in this Pacific Rim TV spot, the man is equally adept at all genres of film.

But, there is so much more to the presence that is the persona of Charlie Day. He is likable. In Hollywood and with audiences, that goes a long way. Add in the fact that Day is uber-talented and what we have here is the dawn of a new superstar.

Movie Fanatic predicts that by the time the calendar switches from August to September, two of the movies in the top 10 for highest grosses of the summer will be Monsters University and Pacific Rim.

Sure, Day doesn’t have everything to do with those movies' successes. But, when he is a spoke in the wheel of twenty percent of the blockbusters for summer 2013, someone in Hollywood will take notice. That is… if they haven’t already.

With him filming Horrible Bosses 2 soon, look for Day’s successful streak to continue well into 2014. And with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returning for another season on FX, it looks like Day’s time in the public eye will not fade anytime soon.

Monsters University Charlie Day

For this writer, there could be no greater news. We live in an era when people become famous for doing almost nothing and it is about time that someone climbs the scale to superstardom based on the merits of the aptitude and work.

By this time next year, mark my words, Charlie Day will be a huge star.

Stay with Movie Fanatic for our exclusive video interview with Day next week where we ask him about playing a monster in Monsters University and then playing a guy who fights monsters in Pacific Rim. Is he having it both ways?!

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