Insidious Chapter 2 Trailer Debuts: James Wan Talks Terror

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Movie Fanatic was thrilled to descend on an abandoned hospital (the haunted Linda Vista!) in Los Angeles last night for a special event where we were among the first to catch the first trailer that just premiered (below) for Insidious Chapter 2!  Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are back from the first smash hit and it appears that that demon force they were battling in the first movie is not done with them or their family.

Director James Wan (who just signed to helm Fast and Furious 7) met us and a select group of fans afterwards and answered a few questions about the trailer and the Insidious world in general. First up… that highly anticipated trailer!

The most astonishing reveal from the Wan chat was that Insidious Chapter 2 will flirt with time travel. Yeah… that! It seems we’re getting to see a little of the backstory of young Josh, Lorraine and Elise in 1986.

Wan also admitted that where the first film tributed a classic of the horror vein, his second chapter in the Insidious world will salute another.

“Whereas the first movie has a twist on the classic haunted house genre, the second one is a slightly different movie, and so it has a twist on a different sub-genre,” Wan said. “It’s more in the vein of like a domestic thriller, but with a pervasive supernatural undertone, which is kind of what The Shining is in some ways.”

The emerging horror master also let us know how he comes up with his scares… seems that the man likes to push his own limits.

“When I was designing some of the scares for Insidious and my previous scary movie that I shot, one of the things I would do is literally walk through my house late at night with all the lights out and think up these really trippy, creepy scenarios and if I get really creeped out then I know it’s working,” Wan said.

Audiences will have to wait until September 13 for Insidious Chapter 2, but fans of Wan’s only have to wait until July 19 for his latest scary movie, The Conjuring.

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