Man of Steel: Amy Adams on Lois Lane "Being Part of the Solution"

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It is a little known fact that Amy Adams has wanted to play Lois Lane for some time now. “I grew up watching Superman and loving the characters and I let it be known that I auditioned several times, this was my third time. So thank you Zack (Snyder) for letting me play Lois,” Adams said to Movie Fanatic recently.

Man of Steel Amy Adams

Fate is a funny thing, because this is a version of the iconic female lead in the Superman series that most fits the talents and the mentality of Adams as a person… as teased in this Man of Steel trailer.

“What I loved about this Lois Lane was that she was still this intrepid reporter, that she was somebody that was going to be a part of the solution not just part of the problem. She was going to have more of an inner track on Clark and sort of be on the inside as opposed to being on the outside. I thought that was a very unique idea,” Adams said.

Even though Man of Steel is an epic superhero story, it works on so many levels -- as we stated in our Man of Steel review -- because of the keen focus on characters. These are rich, and fully developed souls, that the audience cares for immensely.

“I really loved that Zack wanted it to be this really big, amazing film but was also very important to him to focus on the characters and the truth, grounding the characters in reality as much as possible in this amazing world that he created.”

Amy Adams Man of Steel

Adams worked closely with Snyder, and also screenwriter David Goyer to ensure that this Lois Lane was unlike anything audiences had seen before. “We wanted all of the characters to have a really true heartbeat and we spent a lot of time talking about that and that impressed me,” Adams said.

Lane is indeed part of the action. In fact, she plays a huge part in trying to save the entire planet. It is a part that fits Adams like a glove, fresh off of her Oscar-nominated work in The Master and last year’s The Muppets.

If you ask her daughter, she’s a bit partial to the felt characters she starred with recently. “She's really into Ms. Piggy. She just saw Muppets Me Party for the first time and today she asked me if I was going to work with Ms. Piggy! I would say likes the Muppets but she's probably on the fence now,” Adams said.

See, Adams told us, her little one had an affinity for Man of Steel star Henry Cavill currently.

Man of Steel Amy Adams Henry Cavill

“She really liked Henry in the suit, I have to say. She did try to give him a cheeky grab which was really funny. She wanted to touch the suit and she just happened to be rear end height and she's going to kill me when she's older,” Adams said and laughed. “So she reached out and gave it a little touch.”

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