Rapture-Palooza Exclusive: Craig Robinson Sings I Want to Touch Your Booty!

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Craig Robinson was just a tad excited about playing the anti-Christ in the apocalyptic comedy Rapture-Palooza. As we stated in our Rapture-Palooza review, the man is having the time of his life playing "The Beast."

Another reason he should be thrilled with the work on the new film, that also stars Anna Kendrick, is he got to write and perform a song that is clearly close to his heart, I Want to Touch Your Booty. He gave us an extended taste of it in our exclusive video interview, along with why he thinks the end of days is ripe for comedy.

"It plays on your imagination. Everyone has an idea of what the end of the world would be like,” Robinson said. As teased in the Rapture-Palooza trailer, this is clearly a very different end of days.

“There’s all these human elements -- fear, what you would do in that situation. So, it is ripe for saying what we would do two years into the Rapture. It’s fun to mix that salad up and play with everything.”

Oh yeah, and sing I Want to Touch Your Booty to Kendrick on the big screen!

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