The Bling Ring Exclusive: Cast Chats "Insane" Celebrity Obsession

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The characters at the heart of The Bling Ring, a larger than life true story, are obsessed with celebrities. So much so, that they rob the houses of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Orlando Bloom… just to get closer to these people. It is a fascination that was the crux of our exclusive video interview with the cast of The Bling Ring -- Katie Chang, Claire Julien, Taissa Farmiga and Israel Broussard.

“It’s as relevant today as when it actually happened,” Julien said. As teased in The Bling Ring trailer, these teens had money. They did not just have this burning desire to make money off the $3 million of merchandise they stole. It was about having a connection to fame.

“Not is it just a statement about how stealing is bad and how you have to earn these things in order to properly attain them, but also this celebrity obsession. People get so into celebrity these days. They feel like they know them personally.”

Chang echoed that sentiment in a true retelling of what her The Bling Ring character, Rachel in real life, said when she was arrested. “She asked the cops if they spoke with any of the victims. And they said, ‘Yes.’ And she asked, ‘Did you speak to Lindsay (Lohan)?’” Chang said. In spite of all the justice that was speeding her way, all Rachel wanted to know was about Lohan!

"That wakes you up. This girl just got arrested. Instead of asking for plea deals or asking for a lawyer, this is what she’s concerned about. It was insane.”

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