The Heat: Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy Talk Drunk Dancing

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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have joined the legions of Hollywood stars that have made buddy cop comedies. What sets The Heat apart is it is one of the first in a long time that features two actresses as its leads. The story follows an FBI Agent (Bullock) who is sent to Boston to work a case with a local cop (McCarthy), and the two could not be more different. When Bullock and McCarthy sat down to talk about their new film, they admitted that each was actually more like the other’s character.

The Heat Melissa McCarthy Sandra Bullock

Previewed in The Heat trailer, Bullock plays Ashburn and McCarthy is Mullins, and the stars see more of themselves in the other than the character they play!

“My mouth is like Mullins. I do have a bit of a potty mouth when I’m not around children. Well, sometimes I slip around her kids,” Bullock admitted and laughed as she pointed to McCarthy.

“I think I dress similarly when I’m not on camera. I would wear MC Hammer pants in a heartbeat and a vest with a lot of pockets. And my hair – it usually looks like hers on any given day.”

McCarthy appreciated Ashburn’s straight-laced demeanor. “I definitely have some Ashburn in me. I can be a real compulsive organizer. I think anybody who has that in them, it makes how Sandra played her even funnier,” McCarthy said.

“She’s an extreme character, but it’s like when you see something of yourself in a character, it makes it funnier. I don’t know if it embarrasses me because I do it, or it's just funny to watch. It’s probably both.”

Both actresses were drawn to The Heat due to its strong painting of characters not often seen on screen.

“Our dynamic is beautifully antagonistic and features two strong individuals fighting for their territory. We’re well paired to give you some comedy,” Bullock said. She also feels there’s a lesson in there that comes through the laughs. “The people you dislike the most, usually show you a side of yourself, which you don’t want to admit to!”

McCarthy was most inspired by how each of their characters were such confident women who would not back down. “What I liked about it so much is that they’re both so good at their own jobs,” McCarthy added. “You’re working so hard that you don’t see that we have the same goal. I like that we very realistically were forced to work together. I like that it… was not all that easy to do.”

As seen in The Heat international trailer, Bullock and McCarthy share a scene where they get drunk in a dive bar and dance the night away. When asked about how the scene was choreographed… the question could not have produced more laughs from The Heat stars.

The Heat Sandra Bullock Melissa McCarthy

“What choreography? That expression of emotion and feeling that we displayed, you know the passion, longing, want… anger, rage. You can’t talk about a seed growing into a sprout,” Bullock said as they both laughed hysterically.

At the end of the day, The Heat is something McCarthy and Bullock will be proud of because of their time filming in the city of Boston.

“It brought the flavor and the can do,” Bullock said. “We only had 45 days to shoot this film. The fact that we got this movie made speaks to our brilliant, crazy crew who worked 20 hours a day. It’s because of what they did and they gave to us that we were able to pull this off. So many of the characters you see in there are Bostonians.”

McCarthy had never been to Beantown, which since the Boston Marathon attacks truly embodies the phrase Boston Proud

“Nothing else feels or looks like that,” McCarthy said. “It’s the first time I had been there and I absolutely fell in love with that city."

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