Weekend Movie Preview: June 28, 2013

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This weekend preview finds it's a battle of two films and Hollywood hopes the gender war heats up and guys and girls make a compromise and see both The Heat and White House Down. The former stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as law women who must band together to solve a devious crime. Meanwhile, the guys (and we suspect some women) will be drawn to White House Down from Independence Day director Roland Emmerich, starring the guy that men and women love -- Channing Tatum. Oh, and that Jamie Foxx guy is pretty awesome too.

White House Down: Emmerich returns to blowing up the White House as he did in Independence Day. This time out, there's a chance to save it, thanks to a Secret Service wanna-be played by Tatum. Foxx is the president who manages to get in a few action moves of his own. Heck... he fires a rocket launcher! As we state in our White House Down review, the film is fun and fans of Emmerich's bombastic filmmaking style will be pleased. And it also must be stated that Tatum and Foxx make a terrific tandem.

The Heat: Bullock and McCarthy are an FBI agent and Boston cop, respectively, who must put aside their differences in order to solve a slew of vicious crimes. The comedy comes from laugh-generating director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), who reteams with McCarthy and the results are mostly funny. It does manage to give a fresh spin on the stale buddy cop comedy genre. Unfortunately, the script fails them, but the two leads more than make up for a weak story with stellar comic performances that will have audiences laughing throughout. For more, check out our The Heat review.

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