Blue Jasmine Exclusive: Andrew Dice Clay on How Woody Allen “Blew My Mind”

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Andrew Dice Clay was as surprised as anyone that Woody Allen called and wanted him to appear in his next movie, Blue Jasmine. “I never thought I’d do another movie again,” Clay admitted in our exclusive video interview. “I hadn’t done a film in 12 years.”

Clay was called by his manager and told that Allen wanted to meet with him in New York after he was finished with one of his envelope-pushing stand-up shows.

“I couldn’t believe he called me to audition for a Woody film,” Clay admitted. The funnyman thought his manager was playing a prank on him. “I said, ‘Look Bruce, I’m tired.’ But he said, ‘I’m serious.’ It blew my mind! Woody is one of the top filmmakers of all-time.”

As we stated in our Blue Jasmine review, Clay could have his mind blown again by being nominated for an Oscar. Allen has a habit of producing supporting actor parts that result in Academy Awards. Clay plays the ex son-in-law of Cate Blanchett's character and as teased in the Blue Jasmine trailer, Blanchett isn't exactly all there and it results in a powerful drama with sprinkles of comedy. 

When it came to working with Allen, how did expectations meet reality? “Getting to work with him, it was really easy to work with him. He’s not hard on you. His direction comes in his casting. He writes the script. He sees what he wants and if you come close to what he’s looking for when you audition… you’re right where he needs you on film.” 

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