Now is the Time for The Incredibles Sequel: Open Letter to Pixar

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With Monsters University ruling the world for Pixar and their continued success with the Cars franchise and Toy Story movies, we wondered: Why no The Incredibles sequel? Well... Pixar, we have a memo for you.

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Dear Pixar,

Now, it has become clearly apparent that we need a sequel to The Incredibles. Your fear of sequels and prequels has been abated with time. So corral who you must, and let's get this done.

Back when The Incredibles arrived on screens in 2004, to make a film like that for Pixar was an almost half-decade endeavor. Now, the process has sped up, as has the quality of the film animation itself. So, if one was to present a script to Pixar for a follow-up, we could conceivably have The Incredibles 2 in theaters by 2016.

What are we waiting for?

Demand is there; since its release, The Incredibles has soared to one of the famed Northern California studio's most popular movies. In our What is Your Favorite Pixar Movie Poll, it is currently tracking near the top… and it is ranked among ones that have been nominated for Oscars! And currently, it's tied with Toy Story. Yeah, I know... pretty impressive.

Costume sales (as will be seen at this year’s Comic-Con) only further enforce the idea that the popularity of The Incredibles has exploded since the film arrived. DVD and Blu-Ray sales continue to be high as new generations of kids (and adults!) are introduced to the super human Parr family each year.

It seems like a formula for success, doesn’t it? So, what is the hold up? Stars Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter are certainly available and have repeatedly said they’d return to the Pixar family for a follow-up. Yet, there is no The Incredibles sequel in the plans for the studio that often plans its slate a decade in advance. Given that it is animation and it doesn’t matter how old the stars get, i.e. they will never be “too old” to portray the superheroes, we can wait.

But, as the calendar goes by and those years pass… we don’t want audiences to get too far away from the initial film’s release. Movie Fanatic begs you, Pixar -- get those ducks in a row and make The Incredibles 2. We guarantee it will be a blockbuster.

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