Pacific Rim Delivers Final Trailer: Kaiju Invades

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With just over a week before Guillermo del Toro unleashes his sci-fi spectacle Pacific Rim on audiences, Warner Bros. has released the film’s final trailer. So, what do we get this time out?

Where the first Pacific Rim trailer teased the role of Idris Elba’s military leader, in this final teaser, we get to understand more of his role in the battle to save humanity. Alien monsters have invaded Earth, and his character is integral to the building of robotic monsters to fight back.

The film also stars Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman and the actor we believe… well, Charlie Day is a monster all his own!

Monsters, known as Kaiju, rise from the sea and threaten to destroy all that we hold dear. We build those massive robots, called Jaegers, who are controlled by a team of pilots who must work together in order to save the world -- as seen in this Pacific Rim clip.

Much of the drama of the film actually takes place in the cockpit as these military men and women must find a way to get past their differences to join forces and save the world.

Pacific Rim lands in theaters in a matter of days. You think July Fourth brings fireworks? Just wait till July 12.

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