Seventh Son Trailer: Jeff Bridges Goes Medieval

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Buried amongst all the Marvel and Catching Fire headlines is the fact that the Warner Bros. medieval epic Seventh Son will be appearing at Comic-Con on Saturday of next week. The Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes and Julianne Moore-starring film promises to be a special-effects heavy epic and as the first Seventh Son trailer has premiered, it appears to be just that.

The story follows a mystical knight named Father Gregory (Bridges) who, with his apprentice Tom Ward (Barnes), takes the fight to an evil witch, Mother Malkin (Moore), and her coven. It’s a bit of a The Big Lebowski reunion (Bridges and Moore were in that Coen bothers masterpiece), but this film could not be further from the feel of that classic!

We will be bringing you all the news from Seventh Son at Comic-Con and try to fill in the blanks on what else to expect from this fascinating looking drama. For one, it seems like an interesting choice for Bridges, who has never made a film like this before… so that has to say something!

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