Weekend Movie Preview: July 5, 2013

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The weekend preview this time out features three movies that arrived before the Fourth of July holiday and one that may be the best movie of the summer, opening today.

The first three films landed on Wednesday: The Lone Ranger shows Tonto's side of things, Despicable Me 2 brings back Steve Carell's Gru and the stand-up film Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain. A fourth film that is utterly stunning, The Way, Way Back, lands in theaters today.

So... what will you see?

The Lone Ranger: Johnny Depp stars as Tonto, and as we state in our The Lone Ranger review, the film is told primarily from his point of view. It largely works because of that fact while showing the Native American cost to the "progress" that brought the railroad from coast to coast. Armie Hammer is the title character and his chemistry with Depp is electric and largely the reason to see this Gore Verbinski-directed, Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movie. Fans of the classic The Lone Ranger could be disappointed as it seems to forget tradition and goes its own way.

Despicable Me 2: If it is possible to be any cuter than the first film, Despicable Me 2 manages to do so. Carell is back as Gru, and this time out filmmakers have added the vocal talents of Kristen Wiig. Our Despicable Me 2 review reported that the addition is pure brilliance as her character Lucy clearly gets under Gru's skin -- not an easy task given his background as the world's greatest villain. This time out, the former evildoer must work with Lucy's secret agent to find the source of an awful virus that turns ordinary good souls into pure devils. The Minions get more screen time too this time out... and that is a very, very good thing.

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain: Kevin Hart has announced himself with Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain as a comedian that can command the big screen like only Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy managed to do previously. Hart traveled the world and chronicled the experience for the film, culminating in a 60-minute show at a sold-out Madison Square Garden. The humility that Hart shows towards his success is only one spoke in the wheel of why this film works. For more, check out our Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain review.

The Way, Way Back: It's a Summer of Steve weekend! With his Despicable Me 2 bringing the funny, Carell shines as a not-so-nice father figure to a teenage boy who seems like he is going to have the worst summer ever. See, Liam James' mom (Toni Collette) is dating Carell's Trent and they head to Cape Cod to his summer home to spend several months basking in the sun and joy of "family." When James gets a job at a local water park, and is mentored by Sam Rockwell's character, he winds up having the summer of his life. We found it to be the most charming movie of the summer in our The Way, Way Back review.

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