Bears Trailer: Disneynature Heads Back to the Forest

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The first trailer for Disneynature’s latest has arrived and who knew there was so much to learn about Bears? The documentary lands just before Earth Day, just as Disneynature’s previous documentaries have, including last year’s Chimpanzee and African Cats.

The film is directed by Keith Scholey, who made African Cats, and Alastair Fothergill, who made Chimpanzee -- that’s quite a cinematic pedigree!

According to the film’s website, it “cozies up to the brown bears who call Alaska’s stunning coastal mountains and shores their home – revealing through tender moments and entertainment imagery how these animals are far from grizzly creatures.”

As previous Disneynature films have done, they seek to enlighten while they entertain and bring a spotlight to a corner of the natural world that needs attention. As growth has threatened species across the globe, the Earthy wing of Disney continues its mission of educating the public to the natural wonders we are threatening with our population expanse.

Bears lands in theaters April 18.

Bears Still

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