Captain America The Winter Soldier: Samuel L. Jackson on Role of Nick Fury

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Samuel L. Jackson has enthralled us as Nick Fury since he first appeared at the end of Iron Man. Since then, of course, we know he was pivotal in getting together The Avengers. Jackson will fill Fury’s shoes yet again in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and in a recent interview, he filled in some blanks as to what form his role would take -- and it’s wildly different.  

Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. in The Avengers

"You see Nick Fury the office guy, him going about the day-to-day work of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the politics as opposed to that other stuff,” Jackson said to USA Today.

Although he was only seen in the final moments of Captain America: The First Avenger, even if he’s more of a desk jockey… Jackson promises more of Fury in this Captain America journey. And it appears that Fury aids Cap in further adjusting to him waking up in a new century.

“It's great to have him dealing with Captain America in terms of being able to speak to him soldier to soldier and try to explain to him how the world has changed in another way while he was frozen in time,” Jackson said.

History has changed the landscape, including foes who are now friends. “Some of the people who used to be our enemies are now our allies -- him trying to figure out, ‘Well, how do we trust those guys?’ or ‘How do we trust the guys that you didn't trust who don't trust you?’ and explaining to him that the black and white of good guys/bad guys has now turned into this gray area.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Teaser Poster

Oh, and then there’s this. “Nick lies to him all the time, too,” Jackson said and laughed. “”But he's trying to help him navigate the waters of the new sharks that he doesn't know anything about."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier also has added a superstar legend to the cast in Robert Redford. Jackson tells us what part his character plays in the mythology.

"He's part of that World Security Council I was talking to in (The Avengers), just he wasn't there,” Jackson said. “We also know each other because we've been comrades for a very long time. There's some stuff that's said that gives you an idea of how he's been part of that environment for a long time and the kind of guy he was."

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