Dallas Buyers Club Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Headline Grabber

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Remember all those stories a few months back about the Matthew McConaughey weight loss for the film Dallas Buyers Club? He was practically emaciated, but it was all for his art. As the first trailer for the film has landed, it’s easy to see why he did it and how that painful effort may land him an Oscar.

Dallas Buyers Club is the true story of a Texas rodeo pro (and part-time electrician) who contracts HIV in the early days of the AIDS virus in the mid-1980s. When he learns he has 30 days to live, he refuses to accept the prognosis and becomes the most proactive of patients.

When he finds that there are better drugs to treat the virus in Mexico than in the U.S., he takes matters into his own hands and becomes a smuggler to fill the need of other AIDS patients (including an almost unrecognizable Jared Leto as a transvestite… as seen in the teaser above).

The film also stars Jennifer Garner as the doctor who befriends and helps McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Griffin Dunne and lands in theaters November 1 after premiering at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.

McConaughey is on one hell of a roll of late. If this part doesn’t get him an Oscar, something soon will. After his turn in Magic Mike, Mud and The Paperboy, the Texas-born thespian is clearly knocking on the Academy’s door. They will answer... it is just a question of when. 

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Ron Woodroof

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Ron Woodroof

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