Parkland: JFK Assassination Drama Poster & Stills Revealed

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Exclusive Releasing has revealed the first poster for Parkland and five new stills for the JFK assassination drama. The film follows how the awful day in American history personally affected those involved, from the surgeons and nurses at Parkland Hospital, to the law enforcement people charged with solving the crime and even the man who filmed what is now the iconic footage of our beloved president in his final moments before he died.

Parkland Movie Poster

The film chronicles the chaotic events that occurred on that warn day in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. It is based on the book Four Days in November by Vincent Bugliosi and stars Zac Efron, Billy Bob Thornton (recently seen in the Jane Mansfied's Car trailer), Paul Giamatti (who we are about to see as Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Marcia Gay Harden, James Badge Dale and Colin Hanks.

Parkland Zac Efron
Parkland Billy Bob Thornton
Parkland Marcia Gay Harden
Parkland Paul Giamatti
Parkland Still

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