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With all this talk about Ben Affleck cast as Batman in Batman vs. Superman, it’s easy to forget the actor has anything else going on. But, with the release of a new clip from his thriller Runner Runner… that should ease the Bat talk for at least a day. Heck, who are we kidding?!

But seriously, in Runner Runner, Affleck is an online gambling billionaire who may have found the one gambler he cannot beat. Justin Timberlake is a grad student whose trouble with making his tuition could be helped with his uncanny ability to win at poker. The only problem is… what if the online game is rigged?

In the clip below, Timberlake has lost all his money and ventures down to the Caribbean to confront Affleck and find some way to take his money back. Then… brilliance hits him.

Why not infiltrate Affleck’s organization and take him down from the inside? The scene features the two actors feeling each other out on Affleck’s luxury yacht. Does Affleck know Timberlake’s plans? Does he see it as another way of gambling where the “house always wins?”

You’ll have to see the movie and find out!

We’ve seen the Runner Runner trailer and all we can say is: So far, so good. Look for the flick to hit theaters October 4.

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