The World’s End Motion Poster: One Pub Crawl to End Them All

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Focus Features has released a new motion poster for The World’s End that is, as they say in Britain, bloody brilliant. The film is the final chapter in the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy from director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The World’s End lands in theaters August 24 and it is every bit as awesome as one would expect. That’s all you’ll hear from us until the embargo lifts, but if you adore their first works -- Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz -- then you are in for a treat of the frostiest varieties.

As seen in The World’s End trailer, Pegg and Frost are part of a quintet of old friends who have a big amount of regret when it comes to something they did 20 years ago. They failed to complete the Golden Mile. What is the Golden Mile, you ask? It is twelve pubs that must be conquered in one night of revelry. As younger versions of themselves, they barely made it to the tenth.

Pegg brings the gang back together for “one pub crawl to end them all.” Only thing is their hometown has been taken over by robots… or are they aliens? We won’t tell… you’ll have to wait until August 24! 

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