Thor The Dark World Trailer: I Gave You My Word I Would Return

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Thor is back, and boy, does he look better than ever. The latest Thor: The Dark World trailer has premiered and it is a doozy. Want to know how dire the situation is on Asgard this time out? Loki says it best in the teaser: “You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.” How’s that for setting up the thrills?

Although barely seen at all in the first Thor: The Dark World trailer, Natalie Portman plays a big part in this latest one. In fact, she gets in a good slap on Loki and says, “That was for New York.”

See, that is what I adore about Marvel, they don’t shy away from embracing their legacy and bringing aspects of one film into another. That Portman line is clearly in reference to what happened during The Avengers. Just as Iron Man 3 had Tony Stark all sorts of messed up because of New York, it appears that alien invasion has truly affected this world that the Marvel characters exist in. Some franchises tend to ignore what has happened before and just assume that the audience won’t care.

Thor: The Dark World is set to hit theaters November 8, and frankly, it cannot come soon enough.

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