Weekend Movie Preview: August 30, 2013

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The final Movie Fanatic Weekend Movie Preview of summer 2013 is here! It's hard to believe that we are knocking on the fall movie season door, but alas... we are! The last weekend of the summer movie season is actually quite placid and only finds two big films hitting theaters. Ethan Hawke gets behind the wheel in Getaway and the boys in One Direction get their close-up in One Direction: This Is Us.

One Direction This Is Us: To go from "losers" of Simon Cowell's talent show X-Factor to biggest band in the world in a short amount of time is astounding. Award-winning documentarian Morgan Spurlock chronicles said journey and in the process manages to humanize these five UK lads who have become larger than life. As we state in our One Direction: This Is Us review, it is not the greatest concert movie of all time, but it is pretty freakin' amazing. Between their insanely catching songs, charming ways and the sheer awe that emerges from seeing tens of thousands of screaming fans clamor for them all over the globe, This Is Us is one fun ride. 

Getaway: Hawke tackles his third film of the summer in what has got to be one of the greatest summers any actor has experienced. Unfortunately, Getaway mostly crashes and burns. The story follows Hawke's former race car driver who arrives home to a phone call telling him his wife has been kidnapped. He is instructed to steal a car and follow a series of directions that leads him to break laws left and right... for what he does not know. He picks up a miscast Selena Gomez along the way, and as our Getaway review reports, it's a thriller that seems to run out of gas. 

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