Avengers Age of Ultron: James Spader Says Process is “Incredibly Nostalgic”

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James Spader may be killing it on The Blacklist on TV, but movie fans know that he is about to embark on a journey that will forever alter his career… playing Ultron in The Avengers sequel. While talking about his hit show recently, he was asked about the role that is considered to be one of the Avengers’ biggest foes. As someone who grew up reading comics, it is a dream come true.

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"I think it'll be a lot of fun and it's incredibly nostalgic for me,” Spader said to The Independent. “When I was a kid my best friend had trunks of comics and I didn't have any so I used to love going for sleepovers at his house. Also I have three sons and two of them have a great interest in comics so they're excited I'm playing the role."

Since it was announced that Spader is Ultron, he has been busy getting ready. As part of the prep for the role, beyond learning lines, he is learning how far technology has come in the movies since he went sci-fi in Stargate in 1994.

“Just this weekend I went in for them to take very extensive photographs, head scans, body scans, and all kinds of things in preparation for figuring out how the hell I'm gonna fit in this Ultron character," he added.

After all, as Avengers fans know, Ultron is literally larger than life!

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