Carrie Stills: Chloe Grace Moretz in Teenage Hell

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Being a teenager can be a difficult time for anyone. If you are picked on by your classmates and also possess devilish supernatural powers, the entire experience could lie just this side of hell.

The film Carrie knows that all too well and it has released three new stills that all feature the amazing Chloe Grace Moretz (recently starring in Kick-Ass 2). As seen in the most recent Carrie full trailer, she shines in the role made famous by Sissy Spacek in Brian De Palma’s classic.

Carrie Prom Scene Still Chloe Moretz

Filmmakers behind this incarnation of Carrie state that it is a “reimagining” of the 1976 film that itself was based on the first book by Stephen King. Pretty stellar author debut, no?

Both films promise to have that jaw-dropping prom scene and as we see in the photo below, Moretz’s Carrie is getting ready for the big dance while her mom (Julianne Moore) looks on. Oh, if she only knew how that night would end!

Chloe Moretz Julianne Moore Carrie

The film, from its very first Carrie trailer, made it clear that another classic moment from the original film will also be in this new version… the shower scene that essentially begins our journey into hell. A photo of its beginnings is our final still to debut!

Chloe Moretz Stars in Carrie

Look for Carrie when it arrives in time for Halloween on October 18. 

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