Carrie TV Trailer: She’s Got the “Power”

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The first TV trailer for Carrie has landed and for some reason, we’re hearing that old song from the 1990’s I Got the Power. Perhaps it’s because the spot is called Power and if Chloe Moretz doesn’t wield her power with panache, I don’t know who does.

Some of the best moments from the full theatrical Carrie trailer are here, as well as a few quick new ones. Moretz is the character made famous first on the pages of Stephen King’s first novel and then onscreen in Brian De Palma’s instant classic starring Sissy Spacek.

The remake, which could not have made a better choice in casting -- both with Moretz and Julianne Moore (recently cast in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) as her mother, lands in theaters in time for Halloween, October 18. 

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