Hell Baby Exclusive: Keegan Michael Key & Rob Huebel Dish Hell Baby Traits

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Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant have created quite the comedy in Hell Baby. The duo may also star in the film, along with the always funny Rob Corddry, but two actors who truly steal scenes are Keegan Michael Key and Rob Huebel.

Key portrays a neighbor to Corddry and Leslie Bibb who may prove annoying to them, but is an utter laugh fest for the audience. And Huebel… well, he is a local New Orleans cop who can’t seem to do anything to avoid the wrath of… the Hell Baby! We caught up with the two for an exclusive video interview, and the improv savvy that is shown each week on the Key and Peele show on Comedy Central was front and center in our interview. The improv master himself Huebel played along perfectly and by the end, the entire interview played like a master class in improv!

An example is when we asked what exactly is a Hell Baby? “It has an arrow-shaped tail,” Key reported. “That it wields as a weapon.”

“That’s a giveaway,” Huebel added. “If you have a devil tail, get rid of that baby!”

Key continued. “Super human strength -- that baby has the strength of a grown man. Rob played a trained police officer and that baby owned him in this movie!”

The duo also stressed that the infant at the heart of Hell Baby is ten-times more terrible than any awful baby you’ve ever experienced in life. “People say, ‘My baby is the baby from hell. It cries so much!' It may be a baby from hell, but it’s ain’t a Hell Baby,” Key exclaimed.

“My baby’s got an ear ache,” Huebel said. “You don’t know anything!”

Check out the Hell Baby trailer, and you’ll see exactly what these guys are talking about. 

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