Hercules Set Photo: Dwayne Johnson Ready for Battle

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Dwayne Johnson has posted a grainy and artsy Hercules photo from the set of his action thriller, and if this acting thing doesn’t work out for the Rock, he can always fall back on photography. Johnson has published on his social media page shots of his Hercules helmet, the Hercules costume and set and a shot of Brett Ratner directing him, but this photo below has to take the cake.

Hercules Battle Set Photo

The shot’s composition, feel and power can be felt throughout, and Johnson -- who is clearly excited about the work he is doing on Hercules -- should be proud of his skills as a photog chronicling his work on the film that also stars Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell and Joseph Fiennes that arrives July 25, 2014. 

And on a note to Johnson, Jeff Bridges chronicled his work through photography on Tron: Legacy with a bestselling book... Perhaps you should think about a photography book for Hercules

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