Horns Photo: Daniel Radcliffe Grows a Pair

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Some photos have emerged of Daniel Radliffe hard at work on his new film, Horns. And judging by this first photo… the man who was formerly known as Harry Potter has grown a few!

Horns Daniel Radcliffe

Horns is based on the novel of the same name by Joe Jill and finds Radcliffe starring as Ignatius Perrish. See, Perrish awakes one day to discover that his girlfriend -- played by Juno Temple -- has been murdered. Although he is never charged with the crime, to those he shares a community with, Perrish has become a pariah.

Perhaps as a coincidence, or as a case of mental anguish resulting in a physical manifestation, he grows a pair of horns. Is he the devil… or at least devilish?

A neat side effect of said horns is that when anyone is looking straight at them, they are compelled to tell the truth. Nice twist, huh?

That skill could come in handy in his effort to find the parties responsible for the murder of his beloved.

Horns is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival and look for it in theaters either late this year or early 2014. Before it premieres, look for Radcliffe in the stunning-looking film that just had its teaser premiere with the Kill Your Darlings trailer.

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