Insidious Chapter 2 Clips: What Happened After Your Son Woke Up?

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Three new clips have been released from Insidious Chapter 2, and from the looks of the Insidious Chapter 2 trailer, director James Wan has done it again.

Wan gave us Insidious and it quickly became a Movie Fanatic favorite… landing atop our Top 10 Horror Movies of 2011. In the time since, Wan delivered another scary hit, The Conjuring, this past summer, and now merely months later, the horror master with the Midas touch is back with Insidious Chapter 2.

On the heels of this Masters of Scare featurette, we’ve got some new clips. The first clip begins with star Rose Byrne explaining to a police detective what happened in the moments after her son awoke in the first movie… where this second chapter begins.

The second clip features Wan, with screenwriter Leigh Whannell, talking about their latest horrors along with some downright eerie scenes from the film that lands in theaters September 13.

Our final clip is a doozy. We’ve seen the film (our review premieres September 13) and this scene truly puts the entire movie in perspective in terms of what audiences can expect.

Something has followed Byrne’s son back from where he disappeared to in the first film… and it is not the least bit friendly. In fact… it is standing right behind Barbara Hershey’s grandma! And be sure not to close those eyes as the clip continues. What is Patrick Wilson doing in the hallway?!

Wilson returns as Byrne’s husband and he gives one of the most uncannily creepy performances in recent memory!

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