Jurassic World: Pitch Trailer Teases What Could Be

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Fresh off the announcement that the Jurassic Park 4 title is Jurassic World, a “pitch trailer” has emerged online. Producer Frank Marshall immediately took to Twitter to say that what is seen below will not be in the next Steven Spielberg-produced film. But, what it is and who it is from speaks volumes about what we can expect when the fourth Jurassic Park film lands in June of 2015.

The video was shown at a Star Wars convention in Germany recently and was produced by Iain McCaig, the man responsible for the concept art and design of Darth Maul.

Oftentimes special effects teams and other film artists will create a reel to give producers an idea of what to expect from them when the production actually gets going. All we can say is if Jurassic World looks half as vast as what is seen above, we are in for a treat. 

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