Star Wars Spin-Offs Will Be “Origin Story Films”

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Fans of Star Wars know all too well that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kenberg are writing the spin-offs that will focus on individual characters. But, until now that was about all we knew. During a conference gathering of Disney (who now owns Lucasfilm) investors, CFO Jay Rasulo not only confirmed that those films are moving forward, but actually gave us an idea of what form they would take.

Star Wars Characters

Rasulo would not use the phrase “spin-off” or even the often used Hollywood descriptor of “stand alone movies.” Instead, he referred to the coming films that could focus on Han Solo, Boba Fett or Yoda as “origin story films.”

So as the debate over Star Wars: Episode VII casting and a Star Wars: Episode VII title (A New Dawn?) continues, it is nice to have a little something concrete when it comes to those Star Wars movies that won’t exist firmly in the three-trilogy format set forth by George Lucas when he started the series in the 1970s. 

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