The Dark Knight Trilogy 10 Minute Recap: One Unforgettable Video

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With the release of the The Dark Knight Trilogy Collector’s Edition on Blu-Ray today, Movie Fanatic would like to celebrate with a special video. Christopher Nolan weaved a web of mastery and made superhero films that not only pleased comic book fans, but movie aficionados as well.

It was because of The Dark Knight missing the cut for Best Picture that the Academy changed the rules so that we now can have ten. That is taking a genre a long way!

The video below is brilliant and captures, in 600 seconds, the feel, scope, power, emotion and action of Nolan’s trilogy and also illustrates what a fantastic choice he made casting the Caped Crusader. As we saw in the Christian Bale audition tape we featured earlier this week -- that is contained on The Dark Knight Trilogy Collector’s Edition -- the man made it difficult to think of anyone else portraying Batman… as recently cast Ben Affleck as Batman knows all too well.

So, sit back, and take ten minutes out of your day and relive a masterpiece. If you have a sudden urge to watch all three films tonight… you are not alone.

And one more thing... we may never see a trilogy like this ever again. 

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