Transformers Age of Extinction: Kelsey Grammer Talks Being Bad

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Kelsey Grammer can be a beast when he has to be, such as his role in the X-Men movies. And he can play evil as he is doing in the fourth Transformers movie, which just announced its title and released its first Transformers: Age of Extinction teaser poster.

Kelsey Grammar

Grammer is Harlod Attinger in the fourth Michael Bay film in the series and the actor was talking to Empire UK and gave the world a little background on the baddie. "He’s a no-nonsense guy, He’s lived his life in the shadows for 30 years in the service of his country, and he likes to be unremarkable yet very efficient," Grammer said.

When he refers to "30 years in the service," Grammer’s Attinger is a government agent and it appears this time out that the leaders of our world are the bad guys.

Much of the plot is a secret, and other than this Mark Wahlberg set photo, little is known. But, judging by the title and the sandy background in the movie poster… we think the iconic Dinobots will appear.

Whether you like him or loathe him, there is no question that Bay is a blockbuster-making filmmaker, and from the sounds of it, Grammer enjoyed his time in the Bay world.

"I don’t know if Michael has seen Frasier. He’s been very respectful and funny. He’s a terrific guy and quite a filmmaker,” Grammer said. “He just said to me the other day, 'You’re Kelsey Grammer - you can do whatever you want to do.' So I guess he at least has some acquaintance with my work."

We’re sure much more on this film will slowly leak out as the release date of June 27, 2014 inches closer. 

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