Watch Christian Bale Audition for Batman: Wearing the Val Kilmer Batsuit!

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As part of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition that lands on Blu-Ray tomorrow, Movie Fanatic got one of the special features that ought to blow you away! It’s a featurette that shows Christian Bale’s audition for the role, in Val Kilmer’s suit no less. Bale is auditioning for the part that would eventually send him into the stratosphere. And who’s that he’s auditioning across? Why… that’s Man of Steel star Amy Adams!

It’s a fascinating look at the beginnings of The Dark Knight Trilogy, and one can see how uncannily prepared Bale was for tackling such an icon in Batman Begins. Director Christopher Nolan talks about marveling at the audition and how Bale knew that this would have to be no ordinary performance. As he is wearing a costume, Bale would have to summon even deeper, so that we would forget he’s even wearing a mask. 

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