Weekend Movie Preview: September 6, 2013

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The first full weekend of the fall movie season, and September for that matter, is rather quiet. There is only one big movie opening this weekend in theaters and that is Vin Diesel and his return to the role of Riddick. Also opening, for fans of out-there humor, is the horror comedy Hell Baby

Riddick: Diesel is back as the character he first appeared as in 2000's Pitch Black. It's been almost nine years since he was Riddick in The Chronicles of Riddick and as we report in our RIddick review, it was totally worth the wait for fans. The film is in many ways a stand-alone film, but also can serve as a way that writer-director David Twohy can begin a new trilogy (which is what he and Diesel want to do). The action is top notch, as is the set design of the independently financed film. Sure, the dialogue can be a little cheesy, but what do you expect from a Riddick movie anyway?!

Hell Baby: For those who appreciate the funny men and women of Reno 911Hell Baby is a welcome treat. Thomas Lennon and his co-writer Ben Garant have crafted a humorous look at possession horror movies that never takes itself too seriously. As stated in our Hell Baby review, Comedy Central star Keegan Michael Key steals every scene and the movie as a whole. Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb star as expecting parents who move into a rundown New Orleans home. When she is possessed by some sort of demon, they ready their home to welcome a Hell Baby!

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