Weekend Movie Review: September 13, 2013

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This weekend movie preview finds the most Insidious of families returning to the scares in Insidious Chapter 2, and Robert De Niro and his kin running from his mob "family" in The Family. Each has something for everyone from scares, thrills and comedy (yes, even that scary film!), plus great performances abound. 

Insidious Chapter 2: The action picks up moments after the closing credits of Insidious. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are back as parents to three small children, and something not entirely friendly came back with Wilson from the first film. The horrors are not quite as scary, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

As we state in our Insidious Chapter 2 review, there is actually quite a lot of humor in this sequel to James Wan's 2011 smash hit. It may not be as scary, but it does have us thinking a lot about where Wan will take the film in subsequent chapters. 

The Family: De Niro is a mobster who has turned against his former business associates in this dark comedy from French director Luc Besson (The ProfessionalThe Fifth Element). Michelle Pfeiffer is his wife, and the two of them, and their two kids, are in the witness protection program in France and things aren't going so well.

See, the clan can't stop living like they used to... in that confrontation is their modus operandi to solving problems. That has them, in the opening moments of the movie, moving from the South of France to Normandy. And Tommy Lee Jones' U.S. Marshall isn't exactly pleased with how things are going there either. For more on this wickedly inventive film, check out our The Family review.

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