A.C.O.D. Exclusive: Adam Scott Calls Clark Duke “Stupid”

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In A.C.O.D., Adam Scott and Clark Duke (who recently talked to us about his The Croods) portray brothers and things seem to be going fine, after a tumultuous period in their family lives. Their parents, Catherine O’Hara and Richard Jenkins, got divorced when they were kids and it was a nightmare that has lingered for decades. Yet, a fragile peace has come over the family… until now.

As previewed in the A.C.O.D. trailer, Duke’s character decides to get married and implores his brother to get both parents to attend the wedding. Comedic insanity ensues and we caught up with Clark and Duke for an exclusive interview where they talked about the magic of O’Hara and Jenkins as screen parents, and yes… Scott called his good friend Duke “stupid.” You can do that when you're playing, or even act like, brothers.

A.C.O.D. (which stands for Adult Children of Divorce) opens October 4 and also features Jane Lynch as a therapist who seems to do nothing but fan the comedic fires that fuel this family's dysfunction.

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