Bad Milo: Ken Marino & Gillian Jacobs Share Their Bad Milos

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When Movie Fanatic caught up with Bad Milo stars Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Ken Marino, we explored the themes of the movie and wondered what would cause an alien to come out of their insides in response to massive stress.

See, in Bad Milo, Marino’s character is a ball of stress that manifests itself in an alien monster growing inside him that when the stressors get too much, the beast comes out and raises hell.

“I’m very neurotic. I hate to be late. I get very upset when I think I’m going to be late,” Jacobs said.

“My Bad Milo moment is any moment that I don’t have coffee in me,” Marino added, which sends Jacobs laughing. “If I don’t have coffee in me, there is Milo running rampant in me!”

Check out the Bad Milo trailer for more on this wild comedy-horror that is available now On Demand in various formats. 

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Bad Milo Trailer