Batman vs. Superman Spoof Video: "May the Best Man Win"

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The Pete Holmes Show is starting to get some serious buzz over on TBS, and what better way to increase that than to chime in on the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. Just days after news broke that Zack Snyder filmed a football scene this weekend in Los Angeles for Batman vs. Superman, Holmes has created a video that shows what that fateful meeting between Superman and Batman might be like. Well, in a wickedly humorous world, that is!

In the vid, Batman admits it would be no contest should the two battle it out. After all, “bullets bounce right off you.”

The video also has a field day with the fact that both superheroes had their parents die and Batman tells Superman to just “get over it.” And then the Dark Knight even digs into the “S” on his chest. In Man of Steel, we learned that the “S” stands for hope on Superman’s home planet. We love how Batman calls it stupid and how it shows Superman’s lack of intelligence.

And don't get us started on Batman's ripping of Superman when it comes to Lois Lane!

Speaking of lack of foresight, we love how when “Commissioner Gordon” shows up they make fun of Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent and how adding a pair of glasses does not really hide someone’s identity.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below as the debate rages on about whether Ben Affleck as Batman is even a good idea. 

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