Captain America The Winter Soldier: Anthony Mackie Dishes a "Military" Falcon

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Someone is excited about their role in a certain Captain America sequel. Just days after news broke about Anthony Mackie and Captain America: The Winter Soldier and how he stressed that his Falcon will not be a sidekick,” Mackie is talking to Rolling Stone and delves even deeper into what to expect from his character that is making his Marvel Studios big screen debut.

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“It looks amazing,” he admitted. “It’s so much bigger than everyone thought it would be and we’re kicking a lot of ass. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of – especially with Samuel L. Jackson, who’s been my mentor for so many years.”

Of course, Jackson will be back as Nick Fury, who appears to be a mainstay in all Marvel films.

When it comes to his character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he was ready for some serious superhero costume. All that weightlifting he did for Pain and Gain worked well for his follow-up. “It couldn’t have worked out better timing-wise. I worked so hard to get my body in shape that I wanted to show it off,” Mackie said.

“So I told Marvel I just wanted to be in spandex. But they decided that they wanted Falcon to be more of a military character, which I’m not complaining about, because my gear looks dope and I get to kick a lot of ass. Ever since I got in good shape, though, I’m all about spandex!”

We hear you, brother.

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