Carrie Clip: Chloe Moretz Turns Tables on Julianne Moore

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Earlier last week, Movie Fanatic featured a Carrie clip with Julianne Moore sending Chloe Moretz into the closet to pray and think about her sins. Once you see the film, you’ll realize that Carrie really didn’t do anything wrong, much less sin.

That’s why the latest clip to arrive from Screen Gems is bloody awesome. See, Carrie is going to prom and she’s using her newfound powers to turn the tables on her mother and send her into the closet.

Turnabout is fair play, especially when your mother is completely nuts and you are about to go to the prom and hopefully live the night of your dreams. As we see in this Carrie trailer, that’s not exactly what happens. But hey, best intentions, right?!

Carrie scares its way into theaters October 18, and stay with Movie Fanatic for our exclusive chat with those involved with bringing this chilling remake to the big screen. 

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