Free Birds Clips: Turkeys Taking an Adventure

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Relativity Media has released three new clips from Free Birds and they each give audiences a hint of what to expect from the film that was teased in this hilarious Free Birds trailer. Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson star as modern day turkeys from different walks of life. In our first clip, we’ll see how Harrelson’s character was given a second chance at life, courtesy of a certain presidential pardon.

Our next clip shows that where once Wilson's turkey was living a life of luxury at Camp David, he soon after was abducted by Harrelson’s buff bird and convinced that their fate has them going back in time to the first Thanksgiving. Why, you ask? Because, it’s time to take turkey off the menu for one of America’s favorite holidays. The next scene shows them about to commandeer that time machine!

Our last clip features Amy Poehler (recently announced as co-host of the Golden Globes with Tina Fey) joining the voice cast as a turkey living outside that Plymouth settlement who thinks Wilson’s bird is a little nuts with his claim that he’s from the future. What steals this clip… is the utter cuteness of a baby turkey.

See what we mean? Check out Free Birds when it lands in theaters November 1 and prepare to look at Thanksgiving dinner a little differently this year!

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