Free Birds Trailer: Those Are Some Angry Birds!

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The latest trailer for Free Birds has given us a little more to work with than the previous Free Birds trailer. For one, we get to see how our hero gets “recruited” to go back in time to the first Thanksgiving with the hopes of getting turkey off the menu… for good.

As seen in those first Free Birds stills, three turkeys (voiced by Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson) must put aside their differences for the sake of turkey-kind.

The trailer above shows our main hero as he is abducted into service and enters the time machine that will send him back to the first Thanksgiving. From there, judging by the hijinx he gets into upon arrival in the 1600s, we’re not sure how well their mission will go!

Look for Free Birds in time for the holidays, November 1. 

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