Homefront Red Band Trailer: Jason Statham as Doting Dad?

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In Homefront, Jason Statham plays a widower and father to a 10-year-old girl who, after things don’t go quite well when he’s an undercover DEA agent, retires and heads to an idyllic community for a peaceful life to raise his child.

The only issue is James Franco’s drug dealer lives there, and it is a town that questions strangers. One thing Statham is… is different. Trouble starts when Statham doesn’t take any lip from locals and it steamrolls into a tense thriller.

Homefront has just released its red band trailer featuring its all-star cast from a script by Sylvester Stallone (now seen in Escape Plan).

What the first Homefront trailer teased, the red band video above delves further into, and you can really get a feel for what to expect when the movie hits theaters November 27.

Homefront also stars Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth and Frank Grillo. 

Jason Statham Homefront

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